Maintenance & Care for Avnitha Products

All our AVNITHA products are mainly made up of river bed clay called terracotta along with polymer clay which are fired and hand painted with great care. They are exclusive and unique and impressively beautiful and require some attention for a long life. 

Maintenance Tips

  • Terracotta items are strong by nature, however they can break if they fall with brutal force. So do not subject them to extreme stressful falls.
  • Water Proof : They will not dissolve in water as they have been fired in a kiln. However, we strongly suggest to store the jewellery in dry places and minimize contact with moisture. 
  • We use acrylic paints that are water proof and skin friendly. They will not cause any skin allergy.
  • Do not apply perfumes directly on the jewellery. 
  • Keep away from fire and heat.