Our very own brand for handcrafted jewellery


Avnitha offers the best handmade jewellery and fashion accessories from natural clay sources that are perfectly designed for Sri Lanka’s fashion needs. Each piece is designed and handcrafted by our Team in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Avnitha refers to our Mother Earth, who gives us the materials needed for our creations. Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we redefine fashion with a touch of uniqueness and glamour. We specialize in providing personalized handmade jewellery and fashion accessories that are tailor made to our customer’s needs resulting in products that are more meaningful and memorable. We use a variety of clays starting from terracotta to polymer clays along with other exotic products to give our products the best quality and finishing to get that unique look. All Avnitha products are handmade and we also include selected products from other countries to give our customers more choice and product mix to choose from.


We give you the opportunity to wear something that no one else has and will not be limited to the current fashion trends.