May 11th 2020 – Curfew Relaxation

We are pleased hear that business can resume operations on May 11th 2020. There are a few things that we would like to highlight and emphasize on what to expect moving forward.

  1. We will be practicing safe distancing measures and other related health safety practices at our store.
  2. Hand Sanitizers will be in place and we encourage all our customers to use them before they start shopping at out store.**
  3. Our store is of boutique nature in terms of size and operation. We are not in a situation to advise 2 meters safe distancing practices. Hence we ask our customers not to come in groups, as it will be difficult to maintain social distancing. **
  4. Fitting rooms will not be in operations for obvious reasons.**
  5. Returns and Exchanging items will not be allowed.**
  6. Our delivery service providers are slowly getting into operations and will need some time to handle high volume of orders. For the time being, Cash on Delivery will not be available. We only accept Direct Bank Transfers during this period.
  7. We highly encourage online shopping during this time and we have deployed Scheduled Video Call appointments where you can video call with us for product viewings and for more details. We will post more details on this soon.

**All these changes are temporary until things come back to normal. Please bear with us on these changes, as it’s a difficult time for everyone and we respect our vendors and service providers, who also need some time to settle in. Last but not least, your safety is our primary concern. Please stay safe and help support the fight against COVID.

New Developments on the site

  1. We took this to time to upgrade ourselves on some new developments to our capability and site. The site has been updated with more features and some changes in the template, that will help increase more specific searches on products.
  2. We added some new colors to our theme for a more colorful look.

NEW STOCKS are on the way!

Yes. There was a huge delay in our last shipments due to the COVID Situation. The good news is that our vendors are resuming operations as well, and hence our new stocks will soon be on their way. 🙂

Stay tuned with us and keep a look out for the new arrivals.

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