Join our WhatsApp Broadcast List – +94 0779280225

Hello Folks.

We have launched our New Whatsapp Broadcast Service. Now you can subscribe to our Whatsapp broadcast service to stay connected with our latest updates on deals, latest product additions and discounts at our store.

How to Subscribe?

  1. Save our Mobile Number (+94 0779280225) on your mobile.
  2. Open your whatsapp and refresh the contact list
  3. Send a message to us (+94 0779280225) with your name in it.
  4. We will then add you to the list

How often do we update?

We try to update on a weekly basis.


We respect your privacy. Your contact details will not be visible to others and we will not be sharing it with anyone. 🙂

How to Opt out?

If you like to opt out of the list once you’ve joined, simply reply with “STOP”. We will remove you from the list.